Yaraandoo Park Concepts is a small business operated by its owners Kay & Peter Auden and based at Macclesfield, 55 Kms East of Melbourne.

Our business commenced 23 years ago marketing handcrafts from Bali in Indonesia. Over the ensuing years we developed our range of miniature wooden animals. These are hand carved in Bali. The largest customer segment for the “MINI’S” is represented by the Child Care area (Kindergartens, Child Care Centres and Steiner Schools).

“My Name Train” started with the arrival of three grandchildren some fifteen years ago and has become a very popular gift for Parents and Grandparents to their little ones.

The letters are cut with a Scroll Saw and assembled in our workshop in Macclesfield. My Name Train is Australian made

Happy shopping.


(“Pamela’s Woodlands” at Yaraandoo Park in Macclesfield)

Primary objective is to develop a 6Ha (16 acre) Riverine Fauna & Flora reserve on our 28Ha (70 Acre) property at Yaraandoo Park.

Protect Club Creek, Platypus Lake, and lead in waterline gullies.

Clear all weeds.

Allow natural vegetation regrowth within protected area.

Complete extensive Planting program to enhance habitat within Reserve.

Complete extensive Planting program to enhance habitat within Reserve.

  • By 2018 approximately 10,000 tress, shrubs and ground covers had been planted.
  • Specifically targeting for the Helmeted Honeyeater (Victoria’s Bird Emblem)
  • 2012 – 3,500 native trees and shrubs planted.

  • 2012 – 3,500 native trees and shrubs planted.
  • Provide habitat for local native animals.

Further Developments

Extensive plantings of Manna Gums for Koalas in the future (hopefully)

Platypus, Grey Kangaroo, Swamp Wallaby, Wombat, Echidna & reptiles

All local birdlife including water bird habitat at Platypus Lake.

Contribute positively to global climate change.


  • Lake restoration complete with Platypus returned and Rainbow Trout stock.
  • Natural vegetation regrowth in and around Lake providing habitat.
  • Parts of this regrowth have become tall and dense enhancing habitat. Tree plantings now reaching up to 15 metres.
  • Weed control measures in place with major works completed, and ongoing.
  • Kangaroos and Swamp Wallabies venturing to within 50 metres of house area.
  • Increased native bird activity & numbers within Reserve and adjacent areas.
  • Strong natural vegetation regrowth around Lake and Swamp area.
  • Gateways realigned to prevent soil erosion.

This is Peter & Kay Auden’s commitment to “Greening” our part of the World and we thank all our Customers who have enabled us to do this.